Small selection of images of the many characters that live in my brain. My braaaaaaain!!!
I was at SLS for three years. I worked on several of their AAA projects while I was there and also worked on their first original IP designing characters and being Lead Artist for the first couple iterations of the game. The other works shown here are from Overlord which was tons of fun. The pirate girl was just done between projects for no particular project.
Pin Ups made for fun and for a project I’m slowly building along with character design and private illustration commissions. I’ve even done some tattoo designs.
Fan works made for contests and challenges. The Pepper piece was published in the Pepper Project art book by Imaginary Friends Studios.
I worked at Sproing for three years, one as Lead Artist and two as Head of Art. I worked on many projects and pitches during that time. Skyrama was a pretty successful browser game that reached several million users and was pretty fun to work on.
Down here is just a collection of various old stuffs that I’m somehow still showing...