I'm a 2D/3D artist from Mexico, my specialty is character art. I’ve been drawing and making clay figurines since I was very little, somewhere between age 4-6. The paper and clay eventually became digital. My influences and inspirations come from comics, cartoons, videogames, movies, books, and nature itself.

I went to high school and college in the US where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation degree from the Miami International University of Art and Design. I've been working in the games industry for nearly ten years, most of that time as Lead Artist, later as Head of Art. In those roles I’ve been creating and supervising art for game projects while leading and training the artists in the teams.

Aside from a several video games my work has been published in art books, magazines and featured in various art communities. I’m also a part time teacher, and have done several talks and workshops. In 2012 I became a full time freelancer and have been doing work for a variety of clients and industries in both Europe and the US. Ranging from video games, to commercial cg, and pre-rendered cut scenes to miniatures and fine art projects. I’m also looking into doing work for the collectibles and toy industries.

Many of my 2d works have been featured and published in print. Some in Ballistic publishing books. A couple of games magazines and art books like the Pepper Project.

I’ve received a couple of online art community awards like the cgsociety choice award, cghub gold award, also top row and blog features in zbrushcentral and the official zbrush blog.

I teach regularly in Vienna Universities and Institutes like the SAE. I also do guest lectures in other European Schools and I’ve been guest speaker in GDC Europe. I’ve also done a couple of talks at Pixel Workshop Vienna, the Austrian computer graphics conference.

I started out as an environment Artist in Saints Row one whole console gen ago. At Streamline I worked as Lead Artist on the Outsource portion of several games like Overlord. I helped SLS develop their first original IP with Hoopworld. Later on at Sproing I was lead artist for several of their games and did the art direction for their first successful IP, Skyrama. More recently I made some character skins for Riot’s League of Legends.